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Consider using podcasts & videos in your lessons. Field trips aren't always an option so bring the Gulf of Mexico into your classroom for your students to delight in its' sights & sounds.


Gulf of Mexico Alliance: Podcasts-
Here you will find "The Gulf of Mexico Minute Radio Messages." These messages are minute long public service announcements and have information about what you can do to protect the environmental and economic health of the Gulf. Free Downloads-share these tips with others!

Science Update-In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, authors like Herman Melville, Jules Verne, and Ernest Hemingway pitted grizzled adventurers against the mightiest creatures of the ocean. Today, the struggle of man-versus-nature is quite a different contest. Science reporter Bob Hirshon tells us that the world's biggest fish are now in serious jeopardy.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Podcasts-Discover more about the ocean through their ocean science podcast.

USGS CoreCast- CoreCast brings you straight science insight on natural hazards; climate change; satellite imagery and monitoring; water quality; human health and wildlife disease; and much more.

NOAA's National Ocean Service Podcasts- All types of marine topics can be found here!

Splash Zone-Learn all about the coral reef kingdom.


NOAA Learning Objects-Fifteen lessons! Titles include: Energy from the Oceans, Ocean Waves, Water Cycle, Deep-Sea Benthos, and more.

Hypoxia: The Gulf of Mexico- Forty percent of the United States' fresh water drains into the Gulf of Mexico, and a large portion of the Gulf of Mexico is threatened by hypoxia (low/zero oxygen) due to human activity, weather and water temperature. Brought to you by How Stuff Works.

National Geographic "Oceans"- All kinds of videos, articles and photos about the marine world.

You-Tube Dead Zone Video-Assignment Earth Video

EPA: "What's an Estuary?"- Learn all about the most productive ecosystems on Earth.

EPA Estuaries: Video Library-Find all kinds of videos about habitats, animals, plants and more!

Webcasts for the Gulf Coast-Texas Parks and Wildlife brings you some wonderful footage about the Gulf Coast!

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Video Library-Here you'll find a selection of videos about animals, exhibits and conservation research programs at the aquarium.

National Marine Sanctuaries-Education videos related to the ocean; plethora of options.


The Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone-Interactive site which teaches users what the Gulf of Mexico dead zone is, what causes it, and who it affects.
Available in English and Spanish. This site is produced by the Science Museum of Minnesota.